Peace is subjected to controversy today due to the many opposing calamities and afflictions pillaging humanity today. Wars, tragedies at the hands of the forces of nature, sickness, drug abuse and addiction etc. But interestingly, we wouldn’t see the value of peace without this afflictions.

I won’t delve on the subject why God in His infinite wisdom allows all this, but just to mention that He sometimes uses these calamities as a source of grace, to mould us to His pattern and to teach us the value of a righteous life.

Jesus during His time on earth, He demonstrated the power of peace by the way He talked, walked and went about His missionary work. The only time Jesus was angry, was when driving out business men from the Temple and even then His actions were justified. Yet, our master Jesus was surrounded by trouble on every side. If the pharisee were not plotting to trap Him in His words, they were plotting to kill Him. If He was not sleeping outside in the cold, He was parched with thirst. No sooner was He rejected in His home town than the Devil was finding a way to tempt Him. Despite all this, none of the problems was even close to making him lose His peaceful leaning on God. He always fuelled His peace on the fact that God had a purpose in sending Him, so He was accountable in providing for Him(worrying about our material needs is a chief source of unrest in our lives today), sustaining His health and even what he was to teach his disciples. In short, He leaned completely on the fact that God was His everything. And His joy was perfected and is complete.

Applying the same attitude to ourselves should be a key concern in life because such a feat exhibits faith and keeps us from sinning. What more would surely prove a genuine faith in Jesus, when even in the face of great trouble in life, persecution, physical and verbal abuse, mockery or disgrace I maintain my peace and composure and even respond with a peaceful answer or response?

A singer once sang, that following Jesus is akin to shutting your eyes and being led where we do not know. So we should trust in God who is faithful to give us the grace to withstand and over come the tribulations of life and persecution, avenge any injustice done to us and to perpetually meet our needs according to His riches in glory.

Peace is not something you just wake up and decide to posses, rather, it is a cultivated attitude perfected by prayer. Prayer is a key which every Christian should be careful to constantly hung around his/her neck. Once you achieve peace, that peace that Jesus Himself promised, nothing will be too overwhelming for you to withstand, nor any need too great for God to not meet. John 14:27.Peace be unto you!!


Unveiling Jesus

John 1:1-2 = He is the Word of God.

John 3:1 = He is the love of God.

John 4:14 = He is the source of healing.

John 5:8 = He is simply what you need.

John 6:35 = He is the bread of life.

John 7:38 = He is the ever-flowing stream of living water.

John 8:36 = He is ultimate liberator.

John 9:5 = He is the light of the world.

John 10:14 = He is the good Shepherd.
John 11:25 = He is the resurrection.

John 12:13 = He is the exalted King of Israel.

John 13:16 = He is the humble servant.

John 14:6 = He is the truth and the life.

John 14:27 = He is peace.

John 15:1 = He is the true vine.

John 16:7 = He is the sender of the Paraclete.

John 17 = He is our intercessor.

John 19:16 = He is the settler of our debts.

John 20:16 = He is the resurrected Christ.

Acts 1:11 = He is to return; His reward with him.